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We are a private-held company manufacturing glass bijouterie intermediate products. Our success is mainly based on speed, quality and reliability of our deliveries and active customer support. The company employs 10 workers and uses the most up-to-date technologies of glass processing and refining. Moreover, we add new designs every year. Our policy is based mainly on direct exports with no other companies involved. We export to many countries, e. g. USA, Mexico, Poland, Germany, France, Pakistan, India, Japan and Taiwan and also to many companies in the Czech Republic, among them   Preciosa-Ornela   plc, largest Czech manufacturer. We support some minor local companies with intermediate products for additional processing .

Blazek-Glass beads   company was founded 120 years ago. At the end of the 19th century it started manufacturing glass beads and buttons and was already known abroad for its fine products. It is situated in the middle of Jizerske mountains, where glass manufacturing is traditionally situated for many centuries.

New manufacturing complex was built in the years 1942-43.

The company development was interrupted by communist coup in 1948.

The buildings were returned to its owner after 41 years and the company has been growing successfully for more than 20 years
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